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This Story took my breath away….

TEXT EXCERPT - "LETTING STORIES BREATH" -by Arthur Frank Fifteen years ago I became caught up in a story that I have told on numerous public occasions, sometime reading it, sometimes telling it from memory. This story is by the South American writer Eduardo Galeano, and it is titled “Christmas Eve.” Fernando Silva ran the children’s… Continue reading This Story took my breath away….

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These are kids too, living on the border of Syria and LebanonThe number of children displaced by war continue to occur and these children have been born and raised in refugee camps for the past 6 years. They are the survivors of a system they did not endorse or create. They are "schooled" "housed"and "cared"… Continue reading Dr Alya Blogs

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Dr Alya…. A long time coming

Dr Alya ... Welcome to this Site Dr Alya Blogs… in The Context of Care The Stories of our patients, families, and even providers in the field. Medicine can only best provided, as we learn, listen, understand the “context” of illness as it relates to the stories of our patient’s lives and experiences. The Stories… Continue reading Dr Alya…. A long time coming