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Narrative Medicine in COVID-19 Crisis!

Since studying Narrative Medicine, I have endeavored to share how it has opened new ways for me in seeing, learning, and practicing medicine. I call it... Reigniting the Art of Medicine, in the age of the electronic, digitized medical systems. There is beauty in reading, poetry, art, stories, music, and film and it gives us… Continue reading Narrative Medicine in COVID-19 Crisis!

Doctor's stories, Poetic Voices

Words Composed on a Page-A Short Story Video by Alya Ahmad MD

Caring is comforting. The Story is read. We enter into the writer's realm and share the struggles, triumphs, and outcomes in the words printed on the page. Writing and reading although healing is a painful endeavor. Click to enter into "Words Composed On A Page" This Video entails the story and the writer's struggle… Continue reading Words Composed on a Page-A Short Story Video by Alya Ahmad MD

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How Strange A Thing Is Life?

By Alya Ahmad, Pediatric Hospitalist "How strange a thing is life..." It starts out so simple, just food , sleep, and comfort for the bodily routines. It is the baby regarding the warmth of the mother's voice, face, and the breast.  then comes the first turn, the roll over, the baby steps, and so then… Continue reading How Strange A Thing Is Life?

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Guns and The City

By Alya Ahmad MD, FAAP, Pediatric Hospitalist It was a slow night in the pediatric emergency room, a little after 2 am on April 8, 2000. A 15 years old African American male walked in to the pediatric emergency room with a chief complaint of a sore throat. Working the night shift was always tough… Continue reading Guns and The City

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“There’s No Heartbeat” By Farah Karipineni

Dr Farah Karipineni is an academic endocrine and general surgeon in Central Valley California “There’s no heartbeat.” Three words no one ever wants to hear. Three words no one ever wants to deliver. And yet, as a community of physicians, we deliver those crushing words on a daily basis. None of us would ever take… Continue reading “There’s No Heartbeat” By Farah Karipineni