Poetic Voices

The COVID-19 Infection-Inflammation Equation

By Candice Reyes MD

The uncertainty is certain,

Let us draw up the curtain,

Unmask this serial killer’s intention.

Attack of its clones gone VIRAL!

Made distancing societal,

Disrupting every human convention.

Humble hydroxychloroquine,

Now forced into the scene.

Telehealth bridges our CARE.

Drive-thru testing,

PPE’s & sanitizing,

Social media fills the air.

But let’s not be deceived,

This virus “evilly” conceived

A plan to evade the immune system:

Inducing cytokine storm

Wanting ARDS to be the norm.

Treatment data still a schism.

We will BEAT this pandemic!

Through strategies systemic,

From handwashing to quarantine.

Forefront professionals,

Relearning the essentials.

To defeat you, COVID-19!

Learn from each Zoom lecture

At this oddly remote juncture

To dissect this murderer’s crime.

Blending infection with inflammation:

{COVID-19 + 2(lungs)+1(heart)+(multi-organs) x [n]rheum} =1 life at a Time

By Candice Reyes MD is a Rheumatologist and an Academic Faculty with UCSF-Fresno  Fresno California

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