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Stories Matter…How Narrative Medicine Is Socializing The Art Of Healing

Stories heal.

Stories have perspective. Stories are how we engage with the narrative of our patients. The insight into their lives is revealed from their account.

Stories are descriptive, creative, and or exploratory.

Stories are inspirational. The reader’s quest is often to engage with the writer, and ruminate on the artist’s purpose.

Stories reveal. We often see ourselves in our patients; their apprehensions are not far from our own. Many are taking NM to write publically or privately about issues related to taking care of people and the health care system. By journaling and blogging on healthcare complexities, reflecting on clinical experiences, raising awareness, one advocates to a wider audience.

Stories have power. Thus, narrative of medicine is the art of storytelling in healthcare and its integration into the art of healing.I invite you to share your stories and experiences, in written, visual, or media form.

Stories matter. By Dr Alya Ahmad, MD FAAP Pediatric Hospitalist


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