There Is A Real Human Behind Every Mask-Searching For Peace

By Brian De Francesca 18 years ago today, my mother died. If that was the end of her journey – I do not know.   I was not with her. I was on my way to Stockholm where Casper was due to arrive on the scene; that had its own challenges and learning experiences – a … Continue reading There Is A Real Human Behind Every Mask-Searching For Peace

SHARED BIRTHDAYS, by Farrukh Ahmad

“How old are you?” I asked the guest, while we were seated across from each other on the train heading into town. I was back home from college after freshman year and, as was customary in our household, assigned to escort our summer guests to the local tourist hotspots. The guest whose age I had … Continue reading SHARED BIRTHDAYS, by Farrukh Ahmad

How Strange A Thing Is Life?

By Alya Ahmad, Pediatric Hospitalist "How strange a thing is life..." It starts out so simple, just food , sleep, and comfort for the bodily routines. It is the baby regarding the warmth of the mother's voice, face, and the breast.  then comes the first turn, the roll over, the baby steps, and so then … Continue reading How Strange A Thing Is Life?

Guns and The City

By Alya Ahmad MD, FAAP, Pediatric Hospitalist It was a slow night in the pediatric emergency room, a little after 2 am on April 8, 2000. A 15 years old African American male walked in to the pediatric emergency room with a chief complaint of a sore throat. Working the night shift was always tough … Continue reading Guns and The City