Stories in Illness

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Caring for patients, requires knowing their story……

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With every hardship there is relief…

“Where is my baby?” I awoke from a coma, confused and upset. My belly less than 24 hours before bulging through my doctor scrubs had surprisingly flattened.  No one had asked for my permission to deliver my baby. He was delivered emergently, at 32 weeks gestation, “To save both our lives?” They told me. I…

The COVID-19 Infection-Inflammation Equation

By Candice Reyes MD The uncertainty is certain, Let us draw up the curtain, Unmask this serial killer’s intention. Attack of its clones gone VIRAL! Made distancing societal, Disrupting every human convention. Humble hydroxychloroquine, Now forced into the scene. Telehealth bridges our CARE. Drive-thru testing, PPE’s & sanitizing, Social media fills the air. But let’s…

Narrative Medicine in COVID-19 Crisis!

Since studying Narrative Medicine, I have endeavored to share how it has opened new ways for me in seeing, learning, and practicing medicine. I call it… Reigniting the Art of Medicine, in the age of the electronic, digitized medical systems. There is beauty in reading, poetry, art, stories, music, and film and it gives us…


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Wispy Moon By Alya Ahmad

Looking @ you makes me feel Translucent. You watch over us, So Elegantly. You ponder our Silliness. You must think of us as Small, Filled with Self-Importance. As we busy our lives with Objects and Desires. You look Angelic, As if The Softness you wish we had could, Be dispersed and draped upon us. If…

Words Composed on a Page-A Short Story Video by Alya Ahmad MD

Caring is comforting. The Story is read. We enter into the writer’s realm and share the struggles, triumphs, and outcomes in the words printed on the page. Writing and reading although healing is a painful endeavor. Click to enter into “Words Composed On A Page” Short story by Ernest Hemingway

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3 thoughts on “Stories in Illness”

  1. That is one of my favorite ayahs from the Quran. I love it because it helps turn the most difficult times into hope of better things to come…..& that usually happens.
    You also said something in here that I loved, “Pain is most intense when we feel powerless.“ that is so very true. Loved reading this.


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